Monday, May 15, 2006

This Summer on PBS

A Frontline four-part series on AIDS. The preview calls it "The most important scientific and political story of our time". With 70 million infected and 22 million already dead – these are staggering numbers – there can hardly be any doubt. The series (240 minutes in all) examines all aspects of the disease: political, scientific and human.

Unrelated to this, I also found on the Frontline website a documentary, Bolivia: On the Road with Evo, that tries to understand Bolivia’s new leader Evo Morales –the country's first indigenous president – and his left-leaning policies. The 24 minute film is part of Frontline World's Stories from a Small Planet series.


Brewtus said...

Its part of the series Frontline World: Stories from a small planet.

Looking forward to the AIDS story.

Hari said...

Thanks, Brewtus, for the correction: it is Frontline World: Stories from a small planet.

I am looking forward to the AIDS 4-part series as well. Hope to get some good insights.