Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Musings on the coming of Spring


It snowed last Saturday, and it was beautiful when I walked out in the morning. The temperature was just below freezing, too warm for the snow to stick. Because there was no wind, I could trace each flake, swirling and eddying gently and unhurriedly before disappearing upon contact with the road. The flakes were everywhere, seemingly suspended mid-air, and though I have seen plenty of snow this winter, it was a special, surreal moment.


I drove to St.Paul later that day. It was only a week into spring, and the countryside was still covered with snow. My eyes blinked inadvertently during the drive, unable to take its oppressive whiteness. Beneath this all-pervasive white cloak are farms that will be plowed after the snow melts. And when they are, these plow marks, these lightly curving furrows on dark earth will, in concert with the gentle swells and ebbs of the prairie terrain, create the sublime impression that the entire landscape is somehow in motion.

The last couple of weeks, I have woken in the mornings to the sound of dripping water, the most pleasing sound after a winter so severe even hardy Minnesotans have had enough. Just beyond my bedroom window is a little awning. In one of its corners – the only one visible to me from my lazy, reclined position – water from melts accumulates slowly, bulges into a drop, then falls under its own weight: drip, drip, drip, with pleasing regularity!

And for the first time in months I am seeing grass – brownish green with a leaden, exhausted look to it – grass that has been hibernating beneath the snow since November last year.


Krishnan said...

Sitting in sweltering Chennai, sweating profusely, it is nice to read about sparkling snow out in your place. Enjoy the weather.

Hari said...

You know Krishnan, last month I would have given anything to be in Chennai - it was unbearably cold here in Minnesota. Can you imagine the temperatures of -30 degree C? Moisture on eyelashes begins to freeze! The winter here is a real headache - a literal and splitting one if you don't protect your head. All the more reason, I guess, to celebrate spring even if it hasn't fully arrived!