Saturday, August 16, 2008

Moving places

I drive tomorrow, from the Midwest to the East Coast, to Amherst, Massachusetts, where I'll be starting an academic position at UMass. It'll be a long drive, and I probably won't have internet access for at least a week. And given the time it takes to settle down and all that, it might take longer for me to get back to blogging (I have to begin to teach as well in ten days). Until then, I ask for your patience - that is to those who regularly read this blog, however small that group might be.


Kartik said...

Good luck with the travel Hari! I'm sure it'll be a lovely drive, especially at this time of year. I assume you'll snake a line across the north ...

Daniel Elvebak said...

I'm sorry I had not the opportunity to see you in person before you left. (Circumstances).

To say good-bye would be trite and unnecessary. The internet, this time in life, the stars aligned - seems that good-byes are not really real.

It’s good to be living on this planet and at this time. My father was right to subscribe to National Geographic and bequeath me a sense of awe of life and the people who live it. Thank you for accidentally finding yourself a part of the ongoing conversation; and know this: it is on-going.

Our conversations have just begun.

Happy teaching,

Daniel Elvebak

Space Bar said...

All th ebest, Hari. Newer pastures bring new bales of hay!

Krishnan said...

Wishing you very best Hari. I am sure you will have lot to blog about after this trip and I am eagerly looking forward to them.

Hari said...

Thanks much, everyone, for the wishes. I've arrived safely, but have much to do. Space Bar, you were right, literally, about new pastures and bales of hay: I found them less than a mile away from where I live. From rural Minnesota to rural Massachusetts - it isn't much of a change, although the towns here are quite different in other ways.

Two minutes from where I live is a pond, surrounded by woods; a trail called the Robert Frost trail snakes through these woods. Quite the sylvan enclave.