Sunday, November 16, 2008

The professor's webpage

is up. You'll find a picture of yours truly - with a silly smile - and a resume full of impossible-to-understand terms: combinatorial optimization, genetic algorithms and suchlike. Isn't that what academia is all about - parading the incomprehensible and the esoteric?

More seriously, I'll try to write in this space - which has focused on history, current affairs, literature and travel - about my research as well. If and when I write about my research, I promise to make it as accessible and readable as possible (this recent post, for instance, is related to one area that I study: queuing).

But if you still fall asleep...well that's not such a bad thing.


greatbong said...

Congratulations !

Hari said...

Thanks, Greatbong! What a pleasure to have you here.