Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mr.President, let me teach you batting

For those who may not know, this is batting maestro Brian Lara teaching the President how to hit a good front-foot cover drive. But from the awkward footwork and squatting that is on display, it looks as if the President may splay his feet and rip his pants. Ah, cricket doesn't come easy to the uninitiated. Let's hope this isn't a metaphor for the President's political skills. But at least, you could say, he's trying to learn.

Photo via Amitava.


Pallavi said...

Horrible legwork!and even the body angle adjustment for a cover drive, Mr.President! But his tucked lower lip indicates that he is not frivolous about learning...:)

Hari said...

Indeed, Pallavi - I added that bit about learning after seeing your comment!

Krishna said...

Seems Obama sought out Lara for the meeting.