Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall in Massachusetts

New England, as many of you may know, is famous for fall colors. When I moved to Amherst, Massachusetts in August last year, I hadn't given much thought to what was in store. But two Octobers later (October is when the leaves change) I consider myself very fortunate. All four pictures are of places in my immediate neighborhood -- they are all a minute's walk away.

The first picture is of Puffers Pond. The pond is where the Mill River drains before making its way to the more voluminous Connecticut River. The second picture is the road adjacent to the pond. The cars are parked close to hiking trails.

The third picture is of a stand of trees on my drive to the university -- this is where you typically see the best juxtaposition of colors. A half-decent photographer would have done a much better job. And the last picture is of the street I live in (the silver-gray car is mine). With leaves strewn all over, fall is indeed the perfect word to describe the season. The rustling of dry leaves is the dominant sound; the leaves conspire even to enter your home, traveling unobtrusively with your footwear.


Alex Engwete said...

Quiet street you live on, Hari. Very suitable for an academic... lol... And don't worry: you're a decent photographer who's made me travel different places on two continents. Your post triggered this old song in my mind (unfortunately I can only recall its beginning; and it drives me crazy as the line keeps playing on in a loop... lol): "the falling leaves drift by the window..."

Hari said...

Good luck, Alex, with the getting the song out of your mind -- it takes a while to get them unstuck! And glad you like the pictures in my posts: what I lack in skill, I try to make up by taking many pictures of the same object/landscape. My training in probability tells me that at least one should come out right -- even if by mistake!