Tuesday, November 03, 2009

More pictures

All taken in Bangalore this July (from a moving car, hence the lack of sharpness; click for better views). I call the city home now since my family is there. First picture is of Bangalore's Jama Masjid; the second, a statue of Anjaneyar; and third, the famous Forum Mall, which I still haven't been to yet. These malls sprang up just around the time I left for the US, so it's natural that I should think of them as "exotic", even though I've been to plenty of fancy malls in the United States, including the mammoth Mall of America.

Blogging will be light the next week or so, since I'll be traveling and there is much work to do -- the semester is "heating up". On a different note, as the one year anniversary of Obama's election approaches, do check one of my favorite posts: How I helped Obama win in eight states.

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