Sunday, November 21, 2010

When the coffee hits the keyboard

Life is busy as it is. But when on a quiet Sunday morning, you knock a cup of coffee (with a lot of milk in it) onto your laptop, it becomes busier still. My laptop won't start now and this means at least a week if not more of makeshift arrangements, looking carefully at one's backups to see what's missing, installing new programs on a new laptop (if I do have to get one).

And when the coffee splashed over the keyboard, I had been working on a travel piece. I had written about two pages, but now have no backup. So this means blogging, which had crawled to a stop anyway, will still more crawl to a stop. And the end of the semester is round the corner. I am looking forward to the winter break, but after the break a Tsunami of work will hit me. I'll be teaching two classes (probability and statistics; and operations research in healthcare) for the first time. Even though I've prepped those classes, my peers tell me two classes will me give no breathing space to do any research, let alone writing of the fun kind.

We'll see what I can manage here over the next half year. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

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